Investing in a Professional Photoshoot Without Breaking the Bank

February 13, 2020 Tips

Fun Budgeting Tips for Planning Your Next Professional Photo-shoot

It can be a case of sticker shock when you finally get the nerve to contact that photographer you've been following online but receive their prices in your inbox. You had a dream session in your head with the perfect location, your ideal outfits, those joyful smiles, but when you see the price tag on their website or pricing guide, it really stings. Professional photos aren't for everyone, but if you see the value in trusting a professional, you may enjoy some fun budgeting tips for making your dream session a reality:

  1. Save small monthly increments. If you plan on hiring a specific photographer, look to see what their starting prices are on their website. Start setting back a small amount every month towards that investment and make sure you contact them in enough time to get on their calendar.
  2. Make it a gift. I am not sure your budget for gifting, but a photo-shoot can be a great gift! Valentine's Day, birthdays, any kind of holiday is a perfect excuse to invest in a photo session that time of year. Most professional photographers also offer gift certificates.
  3. Watch for mini sessions. Most photographers host a very limited amount of mini sessions each year, offering a shorter session for a fraction of their normal investment. Minis are a PERFECT time to update photos if you're on a budget and still wanting to work with a specific photographer. These mini sessions are normally limited so watch for available dates.
  4. Reward yourself. Maybe it's the elementary teacher part of me, but I am motivated with rewards! Every time you fit a work-out in your day or finish a chapter in the book you're reading, reward yourself with money towards your photo-shoot.
  5. Make it visual (okay, totally the teacher in me). There are so many "budgeting printables" on Pinterest or Google, just find one that fits your style and hang it where you visit it often. This would be a fun way to involve others!

Pricing information is my MOST asked question and I thought I could help you plan the photos of your dreams with a few budgeting tips. Annual/seasonal photo sessions are much like an annual vacation - a necessary luxury. Also like a vacation, you get the MOST value when you invest time and energy planning ahead. If you enjoy tips for planning a professional session, make sure you explore the "education" section of my blog. Enjoy!