Fall Keeneland Engagement Session || Tim + Aubrey

November 22, 2019 Engagements

Tim + Aubrey

This story actually started over a year ago when I awkwardly asked Aubrey if she would model for me as we talked on a blind-phone call. We didn't know each other at the time and had never even spoken - but had mutual Facebook friends. I had literally sent her a Facebook friend request, asked for her phone number, and called to ask if she would model in a few weeks(if you are feeling funny as you read that, imagine how she felt). Luckily she was so sweet and willing to help me - I even got to meet Tim for the first time as we worked together during the styled shoot. They had never taken professional photos before and were enthused during the entire process - choosing outfits and posing, all while not even being engaged. (Side note: the styled shoot was a huge success and even got published in a Bridal Bliss Magazine - it's amazing how beautiful things can happen when you step outside your comfort zone!)

Fast forward over a year and you will see what the end result of that blind-phone call I previously mentioned. Tim and Aubrey got engaged earlier this year so I was THRILLED when Aubrey was the one to call me. I enjoyed previously working with them and secretly hoped we would be able to keep in touch. My dreams came true and this time around we captured a beautiful engagement session highlighting heir amazing style, love story, and love for Keeneland. Enjoy this gorgeous fall engagement session!