From Kentucky Teacher to Kentucky Photographer and SAHM || My BIG Announcement!

June 8, 2019 Personal

Big Changes for Rachel D. Photography

I’m 26 years old and just now “finding myself.” I’m sure if I were the one reading this, I’d roll my eyes at that statement but it’s the ENTIRE basis of this story. Until this year I’ve been much like those little ducks who just waddle in unison, all together and in one direction - doing what I was supposed to and what was expected of me. Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve been extremely blessed in this life and the Lord has always provided, but this is also a story of how He will give you the desires of your heart.

I know what it’s like to graduate college and pray SO hard for your dream job. Well, at that point, any job. For me, it was an elementary school teaching position in my home county. Little did I know that I’d be granted the amazing and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work at the elementary school where I’d once attended. Teaching in my little hometown, with my parents, one of my best friends, amazing colleagues, students, and my favorite content. Dream job? Check.

Fast forward three years through the opportunity of a lifetime, making what I’m about to tell you that much harder. For quite some time I’ve felt like I was fighting an uphill battle. My little life that was supposed to be perfect felt far from it, pushing everyday just to make it through. If you know me, you know I’ve dreaded my birthday for several years because how quickly the years (and life) have gotten past. Time just won’t slow down will it? I will never forget the day one of my best friends caught me in the hallway at school. She commented on how I should embrace my birthday since I was “25 and thriving.” That rang in my ears ever since because, deep down, I know I haven't felt that way. Always busy, always pushing, never home, and not as joyful as I know life should be. Surviving, not thriving. Phrases like “Live a life worth reading about,” and “Live your best life” have haunted me because I know that right now, God has a different plan than I once anticipated.

This year I turned 26 and it has been my personal mission to find joy and contentment in this season of life. I’m excited (and confused) as to why God has laid it on my heart to work from home and invest time in my family right now, but I’m finally going to go with it! I’ve questioned it, fought it, and probably tried to ignore that feeling rooted deep within my heart; but it’s time. Time to listen to my heart. Time to trust in God. Time to make the most of this season of my life. Our family grew earlier this year, among other things, making it a little easier to make the leap. so I hear God loud and clear that it’s time.

I’m ready for this new chapter and SO very thankful for the previous one! Whether in my business, home, or classroom, teaching literally runs through my veins and I’d say it will show up again later in my life. Like everything else, I pray that God uses me to glorify him - so I’m just waiting for my life to be an example of what God can do when you follow his lead. Yes it’s a huge risk, no I don’t have all the answers, but we are definitely trusting in Him. For now I hope my story is only finishing the epilogue, beginning the story, only leading to a climax. Please be praying for us and stay tuned!