Grant + Courtney || Summer Engagement Session

June 26, 2020 Engagements

Grant + Courtney

It's cool how you can't really predict how your paths will intersect with other's . Courtney and I worked at the same bank YEARS ago when I was in college and I never dreamed that one day I'd be a wedding photographer photographing this stage in her life. I had never met Grant prior to the engagement session but I immediately knew he was the perfect match for Courtney. Their personalities are so complimentary, you just know they are meant for one another.

We had a very pretty evening in Richmond and it was the perfect weather (especially for June in Kentucky)! We got very sophisticated downtown shots as well as romantic golden-hour photos at our nearby park. I'm THRILLED with the final results and hope they're everything Grant and Courtney imagined. Now I'm even more excited for their wedding!