Mommy and Me Mini Sessions 2019 || The Denny House

June 1, 2019 Minis


Do you have a topic that makes your heart feel like mush? A particular topic that gives you all the feels and overwhelmed with emotion? For me it's motherhood. Let me explain...

Before becoming a momma I felt like I was going to take on the world. Like make a ton of money for my family, go fancy places, and be the "best" version of myself each and every day. In a recent conversation with my husband, he literally asked me "How exactly did you picture your life with children?"

Now that I am a mother, my version of making money, going places, and being the "best" version of myself is a tad bit different. Now I want to make money from home, avoid going anywhere if possible due to getting both babies ready/packed/cleaned/fed, and the "best" version of myself involves getting a shower/dressed/anything done, praying for my family each day, as well as simply being present (which you know can be a challenge in itself nowadays). Motherhood changes things. Don't get me wrong, everyone's version of motherhood is different and rightfully so, but I do know from personal experience that life changes after babies and everything can be a bit harder than once before.

'Motherhood' is such a beautiful, courageous, honorable topic when handled correctly and that is why Mommy and Me sessions mean so much to me.

I know the importance of stopping time for a day with those beautiful images that will be hung on walls, wrapped for Christmas gifts, and saved to phone backgrounds for years to come. I know the struggle to get cleaned up - and the task of getting everyone dolled up and packed up for the session. I know how quickly time gets away. That's why it is truly my treat to allow those mommas in front of my camera to feel the love they put out so generously. This is to you, mommas!