Rustic Farm Engagement || Adam + Ellie

October 30, 2019 Engagements

Adam + Ellie

When Ellie met me for cupcakes and told me how important photography was in their wedding planning, I KNEW she was my kind of bride. To be honest, I'm ready for our next cupcake date just for fun and girl talk!

Over weeks of planning their ideal engagement session, we agreed that a rustic barn, field, and warm sunset would make Ellie's vision come to life. I tried to explain to Ellie that the location sets the stage, but the focus would truly be on her and Adam. Within a few minutes of shooting (and plenty of small talk) they both acted like professional models. They nailed all the instructions I'd give them, while ALSO having a good time! I love looking through their images and just feeling the joy through the screen. I believe their engagement session makes waiting for their 2020 wedding even harder because we are all so excited for the wedding photos!

Side note: each moment we would find "the glow" I would literally start jumping and squealing. I'm MORE than sure Adam and Ellie thought I was a lunatic most of the time - but at least we found the glow and had fun! :)