Secrets Pro Photographers Wish You Knew

February 14, 2020 Tips

What Professional Photographers Wish You Knew

It's no secret that professional photographers want their clients to be excited about their experience from beginning to end. As a professional photographer and friend to many, I can tell you a lot goes on behind the scenes and there's a few things we wish we could tell clients and potential clients:

We love it when you look through all our pages

We secretly want clients to search through all our pages like our website, blog, Facebook, and Instagram because we want you to get to know us as professionals and as people. It makes us really happy when a client/potential client sees what we've been working on.

It's Important to Pick the Photographer That's Right For You

We know more than anyone, there are tons of professional photographers out there and it's important you choose the photographer that's right for you! Things to consider when hiring a photographer might include their editing style, their personality, their specialty (newborns vs. weddings, etc.), if they are in your area, and their availability. We understand we might not be the best fit with everyone and that's okay!

We Value Clients More Than We Can Express

As cheesy as it sounds, it's true! We can't express how much we appreciate every client who invests in our passion. Clients are the reason we can keep doing what we love, pay our bills, and building a business. It makes our entire WEEK when a client tags us in a positive post, sends a "Thank You" card, refers a friend, or sweet text after their session. I'm serious - it's what keeps us on fire for what we do!

This was a fun post to write and I'm so glad to have you here! I think sometimes there's a gap between what us photographers think and what the client understands. Hopefully this revealed some insight as to what's going on in behind the scenes of a photographer's business. Enjoy!