Sunflowers 2019

August 10, 2019 Minis

Sunflower Sessions 2019

If you're from Kentucky you know that the blooming sunflower fields are a huge deal! The rolling fields of sunflowers are almost as unique as the colorful fall leaves, only a season before. Because of the short-lived sunflowers we have to be ready and waiting for these special blooms. From shooting several years in a row, I have clients patiently waiting toward the end of July. Being such a hot month in Kentucky, shooting in a hot sunflower patch can have it's challenges but that's why mini sessions are absolutely perfect for this setting.

This year the sunflowers bloomed a few weeks earlier than anticipated which made us really rush our date. We ended up shooting these photos a week earlier than we had originally planned but my clients are always so flexible and appreciative they easily made adjustments to their schedules in order to accommodate the sunflowers. Although they bloomed earlier than normal, temperatures were lower than normal and we were able to enjoy our sunflower sessions! I am so in love with how they turned out.