Urban Kentucky Session || Trevor + Lynnsee

May 11, 2019 Engagements

Trevor + Lynnsee

I am blessed in many ways, one of which is my beautiful little sister. From the day she's been born, our differences have been evident - hence her deep dark hair and eyes. Whether it be senior portraits on the farm, in the snow, or second shooting at weddings, anytime I've needed someone to try out crazy ideas I've had, Lynnsee's been up for the adventure. This time it was for Lynnsee and her boyfriend, Trevor's, two year anniversary photos. I had a vision for these particular images for several months and all three of us were determined to make it happen. Thanks to the random dark storm clouds and cold winds, this shoot may not have taken place exactly where we had planned, but I am SO glad they were trusting of my wacky ideas! Seems like uncooperative weather is a trend these days and Lynnsee and Trevor had both taken off work to wear their "Sunday best" - so we made the most of it! I just love them both and enjoyed our little evening laughing and making memories!

Happy Anniversary, you two!