Will + Alaina || Stanford Kentucky Engagement at The Old Mill and Bluebird Cafe

August 31, 2019 Engagements

Will + Alaina

They always say big things come from small towns. Well, maybe I just say that. It seems like big dreams, big love, big stories - all come from the heart of a small town.

Will and Alaina are from the small town of Stanford, Kentucky where they live, work, got engaged, and plan to be married later this year. Their grace and enthusiasm towards one another is contagious. After just a few practice shots, all of us were laughing and having such a great time with small talk and exploring their gorgeous town!

Friends, this is how God works. My family has made a few trips to Stanford over the last several years specifically to enjoy their famous Bluebird Cafe. In fact, we try to make it every spring for my birthday trip. Every time we've ever been I've dreamed of shooting there. I feel like I hit the jackpot when they contacted to capture this special time in Will and Alaina's lives! Will reminds me so much of my husband and Alaina has a heart for dance and teaching children (science to be exact), just like myself. I cannot wait to capture their wedding day later this year (only this time I hope I don't lock my keys in my car - what a memory)! I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into their love story.